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1. Is Self-Publishing applicable only for print books?

It is not limited to print books. Any other works such as eBooks, small write ups, brochures etc can also be self-published.

2. Does DC Books provide Self-Publishing services?

Yes, DC Books provides the support of Self-publishing  under the Imprint  name “Expressions”.

3. What are the services provided by DC Books Group for Self-Publishing program?

DC Books Group will support the author in entire process to make his dream to become a published author.

5. What are the formats that are included in the self – publishing program of DC Books Group?

  • Print Format
  • Electronic Formats

6. Who will be responsible for the contents of the book submitted by the Author?

Author will be completely responsible for the content provided by them.

7. Who will be the copyright holder of the book?

Author will be the copyright holder of the book.

8. Will DC Books Group provide guidance on copyright rules?

Yes, definitely DC Books Group will provide guidance on copyright rules.

9. While submitting the content what are the precautions that author should take?

  • Submitted work should be completely author’s creation.
  • Submitted content should be free from plagiarism, inaccuracy, content violating any person’s privacy, content violating any third party’s intellectual property rights, or content which is obscene, defamatory or anti-national, or any content which violates any central, state, or local law, statute, or code.
  • There should not be any copyrighted contents of others.
  • If any copyrighted materials are used, written permission from the concerned should be submitted along with the work.
  • If there are any illustrations or images used, that should be thoroughly checked for copyright restrictions.
  • If there is any copyright infringement, author should indemnify the service provider.

10. Do I have to pay for ISBN?

No, ISBN assignment is absolutely free and is added as a feature in our various packages. We will allot different ISBN’s for different formats.

11. Can I opt for other services that are not included in the packages?

Yes definitely you can avail other services that are not included in the packages at an additional cost.

12. Are there any criteria for accepting my manuscript for self-publishing?

Yes, our expert panel of editors will go through your manuscript to validate your manuscript and will notify the changes required before accepting the manuscript.

13. Will you distribute my books?

Yes we will distribute your books through our selected DC outlets on specific terms & conditions.

14. What are the options to distribute my eBooks?

Your eBooks will distributed through our eBook store and five major international retailers through which your eBook will become available worldwide.

15. Will you help me in promoting my book?

Definitely our experts in marketing will guide you to market and promote your book.

16. Will I get sales report of the books that are distributed through DC Outlets?

Yes, we will forward you the sales report annually.

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